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Lucy - Orange County, Ca

“Our beloved Lucy is almost a fourteen year old lab pointer mix. She was rescued during hurricane Katrina and has been our loyal companion ever since.

Lucy suffers from Addison’s and has severe arthritis in her hind legs. # The Best CBD GUMMIES from Just CBD StoreAfter multiple visits to the Vet and multiple pain prescriptions, our family almost gave up hope. The pain medication made her sleep all day and her quality of life was diminishing quickly. cbd gummies 750mg jar We talked about putting her to sleep and ending her pain.

A friend suggested we try CBDs as a last ditch effort to help ease her pain. I found your product at SCSA in Santa Ana and Lucy hasn’t been the same since. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a grandma and moves slower these days but the CBDs have given her relief and she’s a whole new dog. She hasn’t acted this happy in over a year. My kids were the first to notice the change in her demeanor. cbd pet tincture salmon From our family to yours, thank you for giving her a second lease on life. Even if we only have another year or so, she’s happier and more comfortable than ever.”

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